End of season on a high note!!!

What a couple of days it has been. First of all, I finally recieved my wheels to my new bike… on Friday. I’ve raced against time to get it built on time for today. When I got round it, I’ve discovered that my Race Face Next chainset has a major fault, pedal insert has disbonded and there’s mighty play in it. I nearly gave up on the idea of racing on it, just wanted to get it together and do a photo shoot for the guys that were kind enough to offer me the frame.

But then I thought: Oh why not, last race of the year, lets have it on the track. Initially, my first outing on the Lynskey was the pre match parade. I have to say that the components and set up is so alien, I can’t believe how well I did on it. First race I was on the inside grid, so it was easier to win it, and get use to the bike. First reaction was, the bike gates like a rocket. But I couldn’t find grip or proper set up on the saddle, so changed my front wheel, and put a layback seatpost on it. This was a good choice and the bike rode really well, although I have still lot of work to do to get it perfect. In my next couple of races I was gating lightning quick, managed to gate over Tom Reed, which always puts a smile on my face, and finally in the last race after a top effort I went round Gav Wheeler, which he had comming long long time, as he is the only rider notoriously beating me.  Fine 20 points unbeaten today. Acceleration on this bike is second to none, lightweight, and rigidity gives it a super stiff platform to sprint. If that wasn’t enough I was kindly selected for the match race championship, and as usual, lost the toss (4 out of 4 times), but after intense 4 laps just managed to pass Tom Colling on the line. What an end to a good season. Leicester finished second in the Premier League, only 2 points behind Horspath, I topped the league averages, got the match race trophy, won the British Grand Prix, and won the Leicesters rider of the year too! Also won the Polish League with Torun, and won the European Team Cup, with Poland, and came 4th individually which is the only underachievment, and I will do it all to do better than that in America, if I go… Thanks to all my sponsors, and kind people that support me.


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