New article about cycle speedway in Wroclaw, my home town.

Old school mate got in touch with me, wanted to write something about the sport in Wroclaw. This is my home town in Poland, we used to have a decent team there, we built a track at the back of my school, minute walk form where I lived. The whole phenomenon is, that Wroclaw have some best riders in the world, including: 2007 World’s number 1,2,3,4 and 2008 European number 1,2,3, Marcin Szymanski, Maciej Ganczarek, Radek Handke and myself. Having that much talent without the backing of any club, is just going to waste, the track is neglected and if it wasn’t for the guys still training on it, it would have been gone long time ago.  It is in polish by the way ;)