Promo Day

With winter slowly loosening its grasp we’ve had our first track training session scheduled for today. Unfortunately, the freshly re-laid surface wasn’t in a state to ride on. I decided to do a little photo-shoot instead, for all of you guys that helped me over the winter.

The World Championships are only two months away (!) and I’ve been working hard as usual. Carpark sessions have been as always successful but what I’m most proud of is that my gym workout is going really well. I must thank firstly my patient personal instructor Rod for teaching me and making me believe that I can do it. Weights have never been my strong side, maybe because I never believed I can do them. Secondly I must thank Mr Andy Tee at Abbey Sports and Leisure for my free membership.

Last but not least,  big thanks to DT Swiss, Charge, Morvelo, Tarty Bikes, Extra UK and local Anodising Company at Wigston, Leicester, for making my Lynskey looking even more amazing.