Back on track

Bike clean, adrenaline sky high. I feel pumped up and rearing to go. That can mean only one thing. A come back. After 4 week break I return to action. I’m very thankful to the Leicester management that they allowed me to get back to my true form, which I hope I have. I’ve spent last month down the track, training for, what it’s going to be this seasons climax.

Leicester v Horspath often is a title decider and it is going to be like that this year. We only lost to them so far, they are unbeaten. Track should be decent, after I’ve spent couple of hours getting it ready yesterday. Weather did not help the conditions of the surface. It is very dry and bumpy, but hopefully final touches before the match should sort that out. We face a very dysciplined team, with very good personnel managing them. They are the most succesful team in last decade and it will be a good match whatever the outcome. Come and support us. We will need it! Sunday 2 o’clock, Leicester, Slater Street. See You there.