Winter is upon us. Not all doom and gloom.

What a season eh?
I have never had a year like that before. Throughout all my career I could be sure of one thing. Consistency. International championships in particular, there was some astonishing consistency in my results. Starting off in 2002 with a 4th in Euro Champs (run off for 3rd), followed with a 3rd (3man run off for 1st) in 2003 worlds. 4th again in 2004 Euro, and a 4th in Oz in 2005’s worlds. Since then I have started taking it a bit more seriously which reflected in positions: 3rd in 2006 (run off for 1st) Euro, 4th in 2007 (5 man run off, came back a broken man), 2nd in 2008 Euro, 3rd in 2009 worlds, 4th in 2010 Euro and finally win this year.
In the meantime managed two consecutive wins in the British GP, two consecutive Dash GP wins, three Norwich GP triumphs followed by a 2nd and a 3rd. This year I have broken my domestic duck and finally climbed on the podium finishing second in Polish Individual Championships.
Despite all that success the only thing I’m thinking about right now, during the winter break is my bad run of form, disappointing Laurels and lacklustre Play Offs in Poland. I have hit a really bad patch in the summer this year which I could not shake off. I have tried everything and nothing seemed to be working. It turned to desperation. I was looking for new motivations new targets and goals. I have never doubted in my abilities but I must admit it has knocked my confidence down and at the end couldn’t wait for the year to finish. In that time I have made a few changes to my bike set up, which worked a treat. I would like to improve it even more. I’m always looking for ways to innovate and get my bike a step ahead. I now have two identical bikes, one in Poland, one in the UK. Both bikes have same set up, titanium Lynskey frames are running on Shimano XTR cranks, DT Swiss rims with System Ex track hubs, both have VIZ halflink chains, with Trailtech freewheels. I run Kenda Small Block8 tyres on the front and Specialized Houffalize tyres on the back (I alternate Kenda’s with Charge Splashback in the UK) in both bikes showing off Selle Italia Troy Lee saddles. I wear Morvelo super cool clothing, which I’m proud to be representing them in their catalogue, and just received their new range, very impressive. We are in talks about a themed cycle speedway design… watch this space! Finally I have just started my winter training at the Abbey Sport and Leisure centre in Leicester with my instructor Rod. And to help me with that i drink BikeFood energy products, which is my newest partner, kindly supplying me with nutrition for the 2012 season. I’m waiting and hoping I will be shortlisted to bear the Olympic torch, it would be a great thing to do, once in the lifetime opportunity. Thing are looking up for the sport, but then again strange decisions being taken. Sky TV deal looks on the cards, we could have a couple of meetings showed on the telly. The Premier/Elite affair a bit of a hit and miss. Can’t see the benefit it would have. The top tier has been compromised and isn’t the strongest, hardly is a top tier anymore. British Champion racing in the second division, not a good thing surely for any sport. Only future will tell though.
In the meantime I can’t wait to get going again, I’m fighting an old enemy at the moment, and waiting…. we’ll see what the future bring for next year.