I’m going to be a film star!

Looking forward to this Sunday. Exciting times, after a couple of very cold weeks. Some light in the tunnel. We are going to make a short video. Along with Simon Gamble and his film company, Shift Studio. Simon is the man behind the Sky coverage of last year’s British Final at Norwich. I’m really impressed with his video work. He can single handedly lift the sport from the darkness that surrounds it. Not sure yet on what the video is going to look like, but knowing his approach we’ll try to show the sport from a little bit different angle, maybe link it to its street roots, and tough beginnings. So bike has had a facelift, all new parts re-fitted :) and we are ready to roll.

Training is going full power now. The Leicester Powerhouse is going for it. We will have a lot on our shoulders this year. We simply cannot afford any weaknesses. We have enjoyed our first session with Rod at Abbey Sports and Leisure, and a proper circuit training went down quite well. We even had support of our own WAGs squad. Track is coping with the snow quite well, although we look at each other thinking… what the hell are we doing here in this snow? I have had a pleasure of testing track’s surface, and how firm it is, on two occasions already, luckily it was more of a friendly slide rather than a full on crash.

Sponsors less generous as other years, and I thought once I earn those stripes, I will be rolling in it. I have had a positive response from True Precision Components USA. I have a set of BMX hubs on their way. They will be something new to what I’m used to. They are cassette hubs (don’t require freewheel) with their claim of instant engagement and similarity to Chris King designs it’s going to benefit our sport big time. I hope to post the finish product once I have them.

My first outing will be at Hull on March the 4th in a challenge match. Week after I will be doing my bread and butter, individuals at Wednesfield on the 10th with hopes for third straight win, and an interesting Memorial meeting at Ipswich, track that i should master if I hope to do well in European Championships in August. I have to get time off work first…