What’s that yellow thing in the sky?

Winter has been very good to us athletes this year. The only snow didn’t disrupt much of my preparations. Luckily I’ve dodged it with switching to the track just in time. I remember epic winters, training used to hurt more. For one reason or another it was pretty painless this time. I’m pretty much ready for the campaign.

I have been doing the same routine as last year, pushing for five times a week, trying to get on the bike twice. Abbey Sport and Leisure is my home recently, I spend a lot of time there lately. It gets easier as the year goes on. Weather keeps us smiling, even sponsors are more generous this year.

I have just taken delivery from Bikefood, massive supply of supplements. Their products tend to carry my through those sessions. Never before I felt so good. It’s always difficult to have a good diet when you’re in full time employment. High in energy drinks are a massive boost whether before, during or after training.

On Sunday we’re going to Hull for a challenge match. Can’t believe that this is going to be my first visit to this tricky track. Week after I’m off to Wednesfield on Saturday for Dash GP, the event which was my main motivation to push myself harder. The fact it’s so early in the year makes me want to get ready in time for this difficult test. Wednesfield track is one of the longest in the UK and the event consist of two semifinals, and a final. It will be hard. I have won it twice in last two years, so hoping for a good result. I will be experimenting a little bit, so no pressure, just want to come back happy with my performance.
On sunday I’m going for a bit longer drive to Suffolk, to race in a Memorial meeting in Ipswich. This is the track where the European Championships are to be held later in the year, so I just want to get some track time there. Ipswich it’s a funny track. It has every ingredient to be one of my favorite circuits, but for some reason I don’t tend to go very well round there. I think it might be more in my head rather than anything else. Again I will try different things, to cover all grounds for Euros, so no pressure on result.

Lets get this season rolling.