Don’t we all love to win?

The 2012 season finally started.

First race on a Saturday afternoon at very well presented Wednesfield track was the Dash Trophies Midland Grand Prix. Event that I love to race in. I have finished on the rostrum there every year I have entered, winning twice in last two years. This tear though, I decided to try some new things. I still wanted to win very much, but wanted to do it on a harder gear.

All my racing career I have been using 33/18 gear ratio, which is the most popular selection around the tracks. Sometimes I find it a little bit too easy, so I wanted to try one up, which is 34/18. I have been training on it since January on the car park and also recently on the track. I must admit I haven’t had much time to see how wrong decision it was. Last training session was ruined by my chain coming off, so didn’t really have much practice, and decided to give it a go on Saturday.

It started OK, went through the qualifiers without any problems, with difficult draw. The final must have been the best field ever in any individual over here. We have had World Champion, British Champion, former World no 3, junior champions. Everybody was there.
In a very difficult field with a very good and favourable draw I only managed 15 points which was really disappointing. To be fair all the boys looked extremely fast, first time to see the field so fit so early on. It could be a very good year for the sport.

Sunday was more important for different reasons. We were going to Ipswich for Dave Andrews Memorial. A track where this year’s European Championships are going to be held.

Number 7 draw is the easiest one to have, so luck was on my side. To be honest, after Saturday’s bad day in the office, I really wanted to do my best to win it in a good style. I have changed my gearing, went back to 33/18, also put my favourite tyre on the back. BikeFood powered me the whole weekend, I must have lived on it for those two days, non-stop racing and warm ups, I really needed that extra nutrition help. The bike was going really well, after my mechanic Ian sorted the chain on Friday, I had no problems with it coming off anymore. I have managed to win the event with 20 point max. Something I haven’t been able to do for a while. It was a great way to end the weekend, and to start the season. I must say, the track was absolutely superb. If it stays like this for the summer, the final on this Ipswich track could go on as the best ever, and I will do anything to be in it, and to try to win that title.
League racing kicks in next weekend, and I’m looking forward to race on the newly re-surfaced and re-designed Leicester’s circuit.
In the meantime Saturday brings another round of Red Bull Minidrome. I have registered again, but I have to go to work, plus all the expenses at the weekend, we have to give it a miss. I will try to arrange the year so I can finally give it a go.