Testing, testing, one two, one two…

Back to the workshop, back to drawing board.

After a busy weekend of racing, I’m back in the workshop for further bike developing. We have built an amazing set of wheels… by we, I mean Ian at work. I have had some hubs shipped form America, which are BMX cassette hubs. True Precision Stealth hubs don’t require freewheel as it’s already integrated in the design. They sport a unique patented ratchet mechanism, which guarantees you instant engagement. And instant it is! There is absolutely no give at all. It’s like on fixed wheel, but you can pedal back. I don’t really know how they achieved such an amazing tolerance, but for sure it is impressive. Rear hubs are about 30g heavier than normal track hub plus freewheel set up, but there is still room for improvements with heavy duty cog on the rear. I bet I can save that by just putting something lighter.

For rims I have used new Rigida RYDE Edge 7’s. They are a great choice for anybody wanting to convert to mtb wheels. Rims weight at 370g. Yes that’s right. 370g. And they look very stylish, too. I have got Andy Angell on my case already to get him a pair. Guys at Chicken Cycle Kit are selling those at £32 a rim, which is about £20 quid cheaper than my Dt Swiss XR400 (and they are lighter too). I have had a word with the boss, and you can order them from my shop www.juliescycles.co.uk , just ring and ask. We will also make a move into wheel building for CS Racing, so watch this space. Ian, our mechanic, built all my wheelsets. He knows what it takes to create a perfect tension on a title winning hoops. We will have to discuss the prices, but it will happen very soon.