Across the Border

The key to the success in any cycling sport is to become one with your bike. Equipment, often underestimated in CS, is one of my priorities. Perhaps I should settle and be happy with what I have. But it is in my nature to move forward and look for new things. The best feeling about a new bit on your bike is that anticipation when you are trying it out. Is it going to change the way I ride? Is it going to shave a millisecond form my time?
For the first league match of the season we have travelled to Wednesfield, for a Midland fixture. And just days before I welcomed a new sponsor to my team. Weeze Bike Components, my first Polish sponsor. They produce high quality mega lightweight chainring for any cycling needs. The chainring I was using at Wednesfield weights at astonishing sub 40g. It’s nice and strong and so far up to the job. Weeze wants to make an impact on the scene, so there might be more to come from them. Rings are available in different colors, and I eagerly await the purple version for my Lynskey. They look absolutely beautiful, they have plenty of cut outs, and drillings to save weight, they definately bring the most out of my bike and make me want to get out there more and ride.
Welcome on board.