Easter Update

Cycle speedway season starts this weekend. Even though we have had some matches already, but the Elite League season starts on Sunday. We have a home match against Ipswich first. We will be hoping for a good start and a convincing result. I have been training hard recently, on the track and down the gym. My motivation is really high at the minute. I’m in a mood for training and I’m shutting out the outside world, I like to be on my own and really get down and do it. I have been doing some long hours down the track, shame the weather is starting to play, I can hear the car park calling me.
Easter Monday we have a trip to Wednesfield (yet another one) for The Christine Ellis Memorial. It’s a unique competition which has a very interesting formula. We’ll race over 40 races, and accummulate points, the highest scorer wins. The grids will be reversed in the second part of the meeting. I have drawn number 3, two grid fours shouldn’t be a surprise to me. I hope that my fitness will come to play in this.
On a sponsoring front exciting news again. I have been announcing these on facebook, but can confirm now that I have secured a sponsorship deal from FiveTen. Brand associated with World Champions, Danny Hart, Steve Peat, all the big guys from Downhill riding 5.10. I am very proud to be on their books. I hope we can move it further and promote the sport. I’m waiting for their delivery, you should see me wearing fantastic trainers from them. I have also another sponsor, POC sports , providing me with one of their best lids, the Trabec. I am looking forward to try a new model. I have been riding Giro for about 8 years now, it did save my life last year in that horrible crash against the starting gate. The one thing that I am a bit disappointed is that I will have to keep removing the peak of it. It seems to me that CS people want us to be behind the times all the time, any efforts to look good will be clamped down on. You are perfectly allowed to wear 20 year old cayak helmets without any safety checks, or safety requirements, no pads inside, but peaks are deemed dangerous!  I believe this is the only sport where you have restrictions on wearing helmets with peaks. Very strange indeed. I did have another offer from another brand, but they have peaks on all the models and they look extremely cool with them, so I thought it would be a travesty to remove those, so I had to say no…
Anyway. I’m awaiting a decision on my Euro Club ban. To be fair I have lost hope. I don’t think I will be allowed to race, and to be fair I don’t think I should be. I don’t like it myself when they go back on their own decisions, however wrong they were at the first place.
It was a mixture of misunderstandings and rules contradicting one saying riders are allowed to race for the UK clubs if they don’t have a club in the UK, the other Polish rule saying if you wanted to compete in the European Championships in Leszno that year, you will have to have a Polish club. So if I was to race for Leicester, without signing for Torun AFTER the event, I wasn’t allowed to ride for Poland or compete in the Europeans at Leszno.
I believe Radek Handke will have the same dillema this year. I know he wants to ride for Sheffield at the Euros, but also wants to be in the Polish National side for the Europeans at Ipswich. Well without a Polish club he wont ride at Ipswich, and if he signs in Poland he wont ride for Sheffield.
On the good news, I have signed a three year deal with the mighty Torun boys. I feel at home there and I love them all like brothers. It’s a pleasure to ride with them and to be one of them. I’m looking forward to ride for TSZ in a couple of weeks time. For now though, Happy Easter. Wesolych Swiat.