Cold and wet start

Looks like I have spoken too soon. Weather was very generous up until now. Cold, and wet. Last weekend we have started proper racing, with a win over Ipswich at home. I was quite happy with an 16+2, one race didn’t go to plan, got beaten by a young man, and that made him very proud indeed. At least someone was happy. Monday I went to the Christine Ellis Memorial at Wednesfield. Not a bad field, on an extremely wet afternoon, with two fours, 18 points would be a good result, but I wasn’t very happy at the end. Made stupid mistakes, and could not get past anybody. Gating was up and down. Good at the start but then not so quick. Performances like this are messing my head up. I don’t know if I’m going in the right direction. I didn’t feel fast at all, but I know I’m training hard. I don’t feel tired or jaded, there are days I feel fast, and days I feel very slow. I have noticed I’m always up against it in a weather like this. I just have to put it behind me and dig in.

The ICSF decision didn’t go my way. I’m still banned for the Euro Club. It’s frustrating as I haven’t done anything wrong in my eyes. You will have a rider which was found guilty of assaulting another rider, broke his ban twice, he will be competing (no offence), and I’m sidelined. This would be my last Euro Club, I don’t have the energy to pursue these things anymore, long weekend away, another holiday at work. It’s taking its toll.

Exciting times on sunday. I’m going for a Polish Extraleague match in Czestochowa to ride for TSZ Torun. I hope we can start with a win. Theres is some more appearances to come, so watch this space. I will be wearing my Morvelo again around the world. I should have a new helmet and gloves soon thanks to POC, and still waiting for the 5.10 trainer supply to come. It just takes forever.

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention my protege, Lauren Davies. We have been working very hard through the winter and early stages of the season. I have been talking to her and showing her a couple of things. I don’t know how much of this is actually sinking in, but certainly Lauren is in flying form. She destroyed her opposition on Monday at Wednesfield, beating a very strong field of girls with a faultless 20 point max to take the Ladies Dash Trophy. Well done.

Next Elite League meeting is at… Wednesfield again. It will be my fourth visit, so hoping for a good result. It will be an extremely difficult task. The aces are amongst the favorites to take the title, so we will have to have something special in the bag to beat them.