Full swing

This Sunday. Torun. Most anticipated match of the season.

European Club Champions Leszno coming to Torun to take the points and virtually win the league title. I know it’s early doors, but after Torun’s tricky trip and a draw to Kalety, Leszno are in the driving seat. Marcin Szymanski is in form of his life at the moment. At 32 he’s riding like never before and will be very difficult to beat.

TSZ Pekum Torun

photo: TSZ Pekum Torun

It’s a tough time for myself. I haven’t been feeling very well, I am a bit under the weather and still looking for form. As I said before I had to give the Euros a miss due to a ban for breaching the rules. I went to Wroclaw for a week to see friends and family, I went to see my beloved Sparta Wroclaw twice, and was on the plane with Freddie Lindgren on the way back.

The whole country is waiting for the Euro tournament, Wroclaw is getting ready and indeed looking good. I was surprised to see so many bikes in the city, definately more and more cyclists over the years. I was wearing my Five Tens proud, my mates surely liked them and expressed interest. Food for thoughts. Can’t get them in Poland. Bikefood will be with me this time. I’m taking some sachets and a bottle of gel. I hope I will get it on the plane. Season is for sure in full swing.

Bank Holiday Monday we were at beautiful Birmingham, only to be stripped off by the referee. We were winning the match from the first race until heat 16 when I was excluded for… well, I don’t really know what for. We were on the 7 after the first bend, and I got a massive blow from behind which threw me off the bike. I don’t know where does the excessive force comes to play, but I can’t imagine it being any more aggressive. It was a double blow, We were in the same position at Kalety in the last race, so I’m not in the great mood at the minute, getting less and less motivated.

I did have a couple of good training sessions. They are what keeps my form going. I love a good training session, it’s more important to me now, than my performance on the track. I have a goal in front of me, and slowly increasing training before the big event of the year.

Wil Burns

Lastly, I’m very disappointed that I can’t take any part in Wil Burns memorial at Licester today. I was absolutely disgusted that I had to work on that day. I have made my mind up on that matter and looking more actively to change this situation. It simply can’t go on. All these sponsors, all the training and I can’t ride in big events. I will have to find something before European Championships at Ipswich, because I can’t take time off at that time either…

Keep the faith!