Good times!

The rollercoaster season goes on. I have had highs and lows already, trying to get over the lows without losing any sleep. Busy times at the moment, not only with speedway. Weather is a blessing and it reflects on my moods.

After the Birmingham outing, which could be easily be a surprise of the season and a high of the season, I was off to Torun to ride Polish and newly crowned European Champions, Szawer Leszno. I still had our last year’s encounter in mind, when Leszno beat us in the Play Off final, and had my reservations. My racing in Poland is always going to be a bit different to my racing in the UK. I often go there on the race day, getting up at stupid o’clock (often 4am), racing to the airport, 2 hr flight, couple of hr drive, by the time I reach the track, I’m ready for bed.
It much depends on my night sleep, and that time I did sleep well, due to the cold I have had for previous week. I arrived at Torun 50 minutes prior the meeting, went straight to warm up and we raced straight away. The meeting was very much how we wanted it. We scored a couple of 7:3’s and we had a tidy 17 point lead at one point. Leszno, thanks to Szymanski, Ganczarek duo have reduced the damages, but still 13 points at the end, would be something we’d take last year. It pretty much depends on how we get on in the return leg, providing we can go on unbeaten for the rest of the year. I was happy enough with my performance, but again it was up and down, something that I have to work on more. I always tend to have one rubbish race.

Week after was much anticipated match against Sheffield. Now I must admit, I absolutely love racing against them. As far as I remember we always have very close matches, and we always come on top. This time was very much opposite. Sheffield beat the hell out of us, and all but one of us could look in the mirror after, and say “I screwed up”. Again, very up and down meeting, three race wins, on third with a bonus and one last, but those ones were a disappointment, after being outgated, by good riders, but still it shouldn’t happened.

All week after Sheffield I have been working hard to get my hunger back and get those two first pedals quicker. The return of the king, Mr Hemsley is a massive boost. He is still an inspiration for us all, and a great, great training partner. David is getting ready for the vets and by doing that he makes me work harder and all of the sudden I was looking much quicker and was gating impressively well. I now have to replicate it on the race day.

On the other hand, I’m still working hard with my protege, Lauren. She made the club proud by winning Wil’s memorial on 20 points. She’s enjoying it at the moment, and we hope there’s going to be more of that to come. We have spoke and she expressed an interest in road or track racing, which is what I would want her to do. We made contact with Leicester Forest Cycling Club, and Lauren will be attending a couple of training sessions with them. They have a new bike for her, which is a Pinarello, courtesy of BCF. I really hope she can do it. It’s something I would love to do when I was at her age. Who knows. We’ll see.

A couple of weks break now, with the weather like this, comes at the right time. Cannock on Sunday. Cannot wait!