What a summer eh?

As Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons would say: “Worst. Summer. Ever!”.

Bizarre fixture list and a combination of bad weather and lack of interest produced very quiet year so far.
Elite League fixture list is very patchy this year with matches overload in September and October we only had a handful of matches and most of them we lost, which isn’t good at all. One of them could have gone our way due to a couple of decisions made by the referee, but overall season isn’t going well.

My performances reflect that as well. I have had a couple of exclusions which weren’t my fault really, once put in the fence by a team mate, once flattened by an opponent. Other than that very chameleon like form. Couple of good races mixed with a bad one.

The overall mood forced me to other things. I have completed my first time trial on the road. Very different, yet enjoyable experience. It could be something I could do more in the future.

photo by placid casual

Development of cycle speedway in Japan is a big news and I would love to explore that further. I can see an enormous potential, we all know how organised and professional Japanese people are.

photo by Hajime Umetsu

Getting ready for the Euros now, looking forward to it. My form is unknown, I hope the big meeting rider tag would live up to its expectations and I could show what I’m really worth. September looks mega busy, 4 times in Poland… gotta love it.

Just hoping for a couple of dry weeks now and a dry first weekend of August.


Cycle Speedway Japan: