I could not wait for this year to end… Another anonymous season. Leicester finished second from bottom, Torun finished second… from top. Silver medal at the Euros with such a powerful Poland squad is a disappointment, third individually wasn’t bad, but given I had an inside gate in the run off, plus I got passed in my second race is a little bit less than I would expect from myself. I find myself in a position where I have to act quickly not to get distanced by the top of the leader board.

I’m 33 next year, I’m still the reigning World Champion and 2013 is a make or break year. All those years I had a sensible approach, and tried to please people around me. I think it’s time for something different. I need changes.

First change I’m going to make is my bike. I’m in a process of setting up an Archie Wilkinson bikes and put it to the test. I can only tell after I have done the hours on the track and set it up like I want it, if it’s going to make me a better rider. Towards the end of the year I suddenly felt uncomfortable on my Lynskey. It felt as if I was fighting it around the corners, did not have enough grip, bike wasn’t dynamic enough and very slow out of the corners. I think I was making the best out of the situation, and was glad the way last couple of matches went. I’m hoping Archie will give me more stability on the track, better grip due to Larsen tyres and perhaps couple of inches out the gate.

On the positive note, I have recently tried a little bit of velodrome action, at the Newport Track. I absolutely loved it. The speed is incrdible, the satisfaction from winning a sprint very similar to winning a big race in CS. If we had one closer I’d be tempted to pursue it a bit more, We will have to see what the future brings.

Next year will be a challenge. Mentally riders have to adapt and choose which is the best way to prepare for the Worlds. Having it so late in the year is going to throw the season out of the window. I will have find a way to peak for that time of the year, but also stay in good shape for the whole season. I’m hoping my bike situation will help and I’d be able to relax a bit.

Watch this space for other changes…