Au contraire

Don’t you just love winter? Those quiet nights, no trainings for a while. You can just relax and enjoy the break.

It is certainly “au contraire” this time around. Speculations and rumors are flying about. People turn into different creatures, trolls suddenly starting to appear. What good does it bring? Well, not a lot. In fact nothing at all. Apart from boosting my website views that is. I have decided to keep it low profile and it massively backfired on me. But let’s not spoil the joy. It’s only a couple of more days until everything it’s cleared and we can all move on and get back to what we all love most, which is racing.

And racing is what I will talk about. My Australia plans are looking promising and I can’t wait to start training for the trip. I’m also in the process of setting up new equipment for next year. I would like to thank Karl from Wilkinson Wheel for lending me one of their Archie Wilkinson frames, so I can test it before the season. I had a quick session on it today and it looks very promising. I love the way the bike grips the track and the way it goes around the corners. Gating certainly needs a lot of work, I couldn’t help my front wheel lifting. I will need time to get used to it, but I’m very positive I can overcome it all.  Frame is 50mm shorter on the top tube which is very good, but bottom bracket is 20mm lower, which is due to mtb wheel size difference. This is another obstacle that I will have to beat.

The frame has a new model of forks, which is designed to fit a wider tyre with a lot of clearance, so a 1.9 Maxxis Larsen fits very comfortable. New frame design looks to be on the cards too, and Karl assured me that it will be mtb wheel friendly. Riders feedback is what Wilkinson takes very seriously, which is why they constantly improving.

I’m also trying to get myself back to the gym. Rod is waiting with a set of kettle bells at Abbey Sports and Leisure. We should start circuit sessions very soon.
I’m still debating on what training approach is best for this year. I’m fairly confident I can get fit just attending the gym, so I might give car park a miss this year. After all a long and demanding year is ahead of me. I would like to be more focused on what happens after trainings, I would like to adapt some sort of diet. In that respect I always felt I could do more. Running is another exercise I would like to pursue, especially in the winter.

So that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted :D

Keep it clean.