Pleasure Gives Way to Pain

It’s all good fun, but it has to end some time. My indoor experiment will end soon. Next weekend proper competition takes place. Last night was the last session at Coventry, even though they will be going on through the winter, but this wont be the same after the indoors. I must admit I feel sad I can’t ride in it. At the end of my sessions I think I became a bit of a surprise. In my first race last night I have managed to win against none other than Steve Harris. It must have been the slowest ever indoor race. I was riding it as I would have outdoor simple disturbing Steve’s lines.


I have switched bikes and Lynskey proves better for me indoor, simply due to higher bottom bracket. I got more confidence now and I can actually compete, rather that just fight to stay on the bike. I enjoyed couple of races with Craig, I also tasted a little bit of deck hitting, so it’s all good. I’m suffering form cold a little bit, so my fitness is struggling anyway.

Testing of the Archie is about done. Weather proving it difficult to carry on. I might do a couple of sessions on the car park later in the year. Last wednesday was my first gym session at Abbey Sports with Rod. In a weird way I have missed it, our banter and those hard competitive hours of abuse. We had to stop last time due to my hands starting to bleed… It always happens after a longer break, it sound worse than it is.

I had a really promising e mail for Morvelo this morning. They want to showcase Cycle Speedway in a short film. We did have a conversation about it, there’s a big company interested in taking some aspects of the sport and perhaps taking it in an urbanized version around the big venues, exactly like they do it in Japan. I don’t know how far those talks are and how real the prospect is, but the film will be the first step to get it going.