Nothing beats winter.

Every year there comes a time when your body is trying to tell you something. It might be early in the season, or perhaps at the end of the year. It might be an overdose of training, need of a rest, or an urge to do more training. I think it’s always the same for me. Just before Christmas I’m always in the mood to train. I think it might be psychological. I know most people would start their winter training after festive period. I always try to get ahead. I don’t want to have any excuses when it comes to racing. Season starts very early nowadays and it is only right to be at least fit enough to compete. In order to do that I want to be in training before Christmas, so I can roll on after New Year. I have started my sessions at Abbey Sports, which is going well. I also started my car park campaign. I have to say is very easy going at the moment, weather proves difficult to ride. I struggle to stay for longer than an hour.


I’m happy to say that the taste of success is back. I have received my fresh supply of BikeFood. I have to say that it gives me an enormous lift while training. The biggest benefit of sports nutrition is the feeling after a hard session. I seem to have bigger reserve and I don’t rely on eating so much. I remember before my deal with BikeFood I was totally wiped out after most sessions, waking up dehydrated and constantly hungry. I’m able to go for longer and do more, so I’m happy my supplies have been refreshed.


The world of Urban Speedway keeps on growing. My Utopia of having a touring event is now in plans, and Morvelo is on board. We think there is a massive potential to promote the sport. Perhaps not a pure version of CS but by promoting the Urban version we can link it to Cycle Speedway. There are talks with big companies, and big names are mentioned. It is really coming to life and I hope it will work.

Finally. The TV broadcast was a good watch. I thought it was very exciting. Quintessence of the sport. Fast, furious, fearless. Well presented, definitely an advert of the sport, so well done. I think we can all breathe a little easier now, we have seen it. I was a little worried if it wasn’t too good to be true.

Some exciting times ahead of us in 2013. I can’t wait.