You have mail.

Good to see Urban Speedway creating interest. Whatever route we’ll go now, doesn’t really matter. Whether it’s just a track on the car park or a proper portable circuit, it’s a good promotional adventure. I have had many support messages and I’m very grateful. I guess the biggest task would be to source some plans for the track and get some brains together and get it built.

Morvelo is also keen on doing a little promo video, so I will be needing three riders to do it with. I have my ideas on who that might be, but we’ll see what comes out of it.

Red Bull had another little event called the Cobble Wobble, which is a short hill climb on cobbles. I found out about it too late as usual, so wasn’t able to go.

Charge Bikes were there, as well as Dan Atherton, Michal Prokop and Martyn Ashton. I’m gutted I have missed it, it’s another one of those events cycle speedway should be present at.

Short video of the event is here:

I’m writing this waiting for the second Sky broadcast. I must say the first one was awesome. Exactly how we wanted it. Short, exciting and a little crazy. I can see some great things coming of the back of this success.

Another cyclist wins the SPOTY. Well deserved, followed by an announcement about increasing funds for British Cycling. The only thing about it is that those funds always go to people that do it as their job. Pro teams, more pro events, more TV coverage of TDF, or Tour of Britain. I think it’s time lesser sports gets some of that cash.


Lastly congratulations to Andy Angell for his new website. Looking good, it’s always good to have somebody else to have an ambition. I hope he’ll find out what a great promoting tool a good website is.