We could be heroes…

Jet stream.

Remember our old friend? Ruined the summer, now making it all white, apparently. Bike is out of bounds, apart from an impromptu journey back home, when I had to abandon the car, I only rode once in the past week. I don’t like to stay off my bike in the winter. It makes my training complete, and it mixes it up nicely. My body, especially my hands, take a right beating in the gym. I can’t do it too often and like to vary it with a bit of car park training. It’s not all bad though. I feel I am getting stronger session by session.


A lot happened since I last poured my thoughts out, but it’s all old news now. What did we think of Lancelot’s “confessions”? There is so many people still worshiping him for what he did on a bike. Fair play. He was one of a kind, but hero? Absolutely not, and I have always been very reserved to him. I remember when in’05 in Oz Pete Young and his brother David brought a load of LiveStrong bracelets and gave them away I refused to wear it. I know it’s good cause and that, but I simply always had Lance as a shady character.

So whatever happens in 10 or 20 years, please Brad be clean and continue to do your things.

World Championships are shaping up. Schedule is now pretty much full. No place for Poland to have any test matches now. It makes me wonder now if we all want same things? Do we want the sport to go forward, or do we just want to achieve and look after our own business. If I was an Aussie, I’d like to ride against all the nations, not just the GB. And indeed same goes with Brits, all they are talking about every year is to bring back the test matches against the Poles, now it seems unlikely it will interest us in the future. One thing I know for sure, The Federation does not forget and rarely forgives. The “Ashes” are getting blown out of proportions in my opinion, some say it will be all about the series with the Worlds being just an additional fixture…

Obraz 1301

Urban Speedway supposed to be taking off, but gets put back due to busy schedules. We are due to make a short advert in a video form for… the Salzburg based drink company, we’ll see how it goes, I really hope it will be worth it.

Other than that I’m busy job hunting. Things are looking up, quite a few options and possibilities I now have to make the right choice and see where it takes me.

Stay warm. Stay clean. You can be a hero.