New Season

First laps of the 2013 season done.

A friendly match against Wednesfield last Saturday was a good beginning. Great warm day, good opposition and a competitive match, just what you want to slowly walk into the season.

Most importantly Leicester got a win in a last heat decider. It was all about bike set up and overall getting used to the new machine.

I knew I was fit anyway, so no need to get all stressed out. The bike handles well, although I am struggling with few issues. First of all the bottom bracket height is about 2 cm too low. Back end is too narrow to fit Maxxis tyre which would bring that bracket a bit higher. I am now thinking about an emergency measure, and perhaps getting a “third opinion” with another custom frame.


One thing I know for sure, Archie handles much better than my Lynskey. It is due to frame being 5 cm shorter in the top tube. It is quite a lot heavier though, but I’m hoping to get it lighter with some parts swapping before the League kicks in. Lynskey are contemplating making another model for me, but they are extremely busy at the moment.

Overall feel is a little bit alien so far, as I’m still learning the bike. It is more twitchy and very responsive. It feels sometimes like it turns too sharp. The natural line is about half a meter narrower than it was on Lynskey, which cased me problem when chasing Lee on saturday, I was constantly getting caught under his wheel.

Good training sessions over at Horspath. This another challenge for me, to get used to this extreme circuit. I believe it will make me a better rider, the track demands you to keep very tight lines.

Next Saturday brings a long, long trip to Ipswich for the Dave Andrews Memorial. I’m not happy about it being run with two semi finals now. It means whole day away, which I’m not looking forward at the moment, I kind of miss spending time at home in the recent situation. Hoping for first training laps around Leicester track on Friday.

I’m amazed how many people train this time of the year… or at least constantly claim that they are training, which makes me wonder what were they doing all those years before? It will make a great pleasure to show some great form now the bar is set high.