Dashing Display

All I could see or hear people talking about recently was horse racing and Cheltenham Gold Cup. The amount of people that visits the town for the week is unbelievable. Makes you think if a little Urban Speedway wouldn’t be out of place? Tucked away in a little alley way? Not having a track in hand makes my training very difficult. I can still do gym training to some degree, but riding time is seriously limited. I attend weekly sessions at Horspath, which I must say are getting harder and better and I’m really liking what I’m seeing. I have missed proper training with a group of people that wants to get fit and want to ride around that track.

Weekend gone was the individual event I am looking forward to every year. Midlands GP is a great event, good start of the year and a showpiece that the local club always do so well. It’s great to see that people still want to race in individuals and clubs still want to host them. I have always said about how individual competition is a proper example of the sport. I think there is more racing in these events, less reffing controversies, generally more fun. As the event was getting closer, I was feeling better and better. The Archie Wilkinson bike gives me a little lift, it is something new and it makes me smile when riding.

Not a perfect start, I have snapped my chainring whilst warming up, but it was on there for a while and probably due its shelf life. Track was heavy and demanding, I would say it was worst I have witnessed so far. It did caught me in my second ride on the trot, but it was more due to my previous hard challenge, which made all that hard work for nothing. My first race was going to be an indicator of how I’m going to do in the meeting. I had a hard grid four and if I was to win, I had to do something in this race. Unfortunately I could not tuck in behind Chris Timms and after doing all the hard work around the outside of the eventual winner, Ben Mould I had to surrender and came third, which was the overall position as well. I had to pull some gates in the process and fight the ever persistent Andy Angell twice, but I have to say legs felt better as the event went on. Third is my place at the moment I think. But I feel some room for improvement, and I’m still learning the bike.


photo: Magda Nowacki

Good news for the sport. Wilkinson had listened to us riders again, and there is a new frame in production, being available in the summer. It will be designed to take a mtb tyre, with a wider rear end. I have to say thank you to Karl for letting me use my red arrow. I hope I can carry on and perhaps get a win somewhere in the process.

Last but not least, exciting news for the sport, with a prospect of a new track on the scene. It is too early for any details, as I have no idea on what the deal is, but contact has been made, and my presence in the area is getting noticed. It would be a great thing to be involved in it would certainly make the whole move worthwhile.

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