Glorious morning

Bike? Check.

Helmet? Check.

Shoes? Check.

Time check? 8:00 am…

Yeah, it is a Sunday at all.


I rolled out at Filton track today at just after 8 in the morning. Chilly but very glorious. A couple of friendly locals with their dogs curiously checked me out, I suppose track isn’t frequently ridden. Little choice I have if I’m at work on Sunday and still want to keep my racing time on the track to a decent level. I missed out today’s Leicester v East Park match due to that, but did manage a little spin.

Filton track reminds me very much of a Bydgoszcz track. Similar track granulation, very close to its size and the bumps… well, they are quite big. Nevertheless training was enjoyable, surface is very fresh and you can sense it is in need of good maintenance but it rode good and was dry. It does cut up and is fairly loose, just like Bydgoszcz, it reminds me a bit of older tracks like Coventry, Swindon or Birmingham. It is closest to me now, so I suppose I might pop over there fairly regularly to keep it exciting.


After all 2013 Polish Individual Championships are in Bydgoszcz, and next European Champs too.

I had a great session on Thursday down at Glover Park with the boys and girls, amazing spirit. It’s good to see enthusiasm and hard work. It will pay off guys, trust me.

I’m also over the moon to land another sponsor.

PEONFX= People on Fix.

I will tell you all about them soon.