Firing on all cylinders!

What a year we’re having. It is kind of tough on me, as I am so out of touch with the sport. Racing Elite Leauge only, pretty much all year it does isolates me from the sport, and at the same time it gets me back to grass roots. Training all over the country, different tracks, new people, new environments, it is an exciting season. Weather is getting back to as it should be. The thing is, it is back to where it should be. People moan about the cold, and then again I have had my first customer complaining about the heat!! Spring is upon us, and it releases some magic powers. I have so much energy it is kind of weird as it is not yet the time to peak. My Horspath training is getting more demanding, with Mr Boaler turning the screw in. It’s nice to have a good training partner, makes it so much easier. Things are going good at Leicester too. Training has stepped up, with Kev and Craig taking initiative, and some good prospects around. The girls are just dominating the UK scene, taking everything possible. Lauren and Lucy flying at the moment, new girls making enormous progress.

Work is getting ridiculously busy. Being away from home is starting to take its toll, but some good news on that front too, might not be long until the long commuting is gone. Working in such a big company does have its privileges. I was lucky enough to have a demo bike on the hottest and the most beautiful day of the year so far, and what a bike it was. Forest of Dean is only about 35 minutes drive from Cheltenham and I am getting more and more accustomed to it. The weapon of choice was a Whyte T129. A stunning piece of machinery, and a first 29er I ever rode properly. It was an extremely fast day. Not sure if it was due to the sun, weather and overall feel good factor, but I was doing some fast times round there. I think this the way forward in MTB. The industry is going big and now I know why.

2013-04-23 12.56.49

This Sunday brings Round 2 of the Elite League, and a first away trip to Sheffield. Really not sure what to expect from the Stars this time of the year. What team are they going to have? They might have a few returning faces, we will be ready for that. I am happy to see Mark fit. We have been training very hard together and quietly gathering some pace. I hope it pays off for both of us.


Last but not least congratulations to my Polish brothers from Torun for getting one over Leszno. At freaking last! Long time coming. First time ever they have beat them away, and what a deserved win it was. With Timms, Mould, Ganczarek and Szymanski in the team they had to ride well to do it. Keep it up guys.