Win as one, Lose as one.

First away Elite match in a Horspath shirt resulted in a defeat to Sheffield. It was a weird encounter by all accounts. Started well enough with a lead, but mistakes cost us the game. Unfortunately lack of discipline eventually gave the Stars their first ever win against the Hammers. We have started the day on the back foot as one of the heat leaders, Shaun Rudman could not ride due to work commitments. And the sight of Jono Birks in the pits did not make it any easier. Nevertheless we have started strong and in my opinion could win the match. Sheffield management shot themselves in the foot by making the track extremely slick and riders like Birks, Idziorek and Stephenson clearly unhappy with that. That resulted in a half time track maintenance and all the loose stuff swept outside. For me the match went as expected. I am in a right frame of mind so riding gives me a lot of pleasure, clearly enjoying the Archie and looking forward to explore it more. I’m still unfamiliar to it on the gates, they are very inconsistent but it does not worry me, I know I can pull them out.


My speed is up there now and frankly I can’t wait for the next match against Poole. I know track at the Village will not necessarily require bags of speed but I certainly enjoy racing at home against some best riders in the World. If anybody is to stop that team getting Elite Trophy it is Horspath. Much team spirit is needed and discipline.

Very intense lifestyle resulted in my first burn out, Monday night after work I went Forest of Dean for a quick blast around Verderers trail and hit the brick wall. Day after same thing happened at Oxford, so Wednesday off the bike was much needed. I had a rare privilege of hosting my lovely wife in Cheltenham so we went out to Jamie’s Italian, a very nice restaurant with splendid food. Things are looking up for us, high hopes for us having jobs in the same area and a normal life instead of living miles apart.


On the other positive note, I am expecting a delivery of PEONFX clothing from Singapore. This is the area I would like CS to do more in terms of getting people into our sport. Clothing company for people riding fixed bikes. It is a massive area we could get dedicated cyclists involved in the sport. They are all young, fit and living healthy lifestyle. All into cool things in life and loving simplicity in life, which is what Cycle Speedway provide. I’m still trying to convince my work colleagues to give it a go. We might have a go at Filton on Sunday morning, just need to get that Lynskey out of the shed.