Keep on running.

The big day is upon us. Third match of the “Series of death” is on this sunday. After a hoke win to Wednesfield, away 2 point defeat at Sheffield, we have another “cup final” at home against Poole. Dorset based club is very much like Leszno team, and will not stop until they achieve their goal. If that means flying in some best riders in the world, so be it. It does make it an all interesting meeting. In all fairness, without Ganczarek and Szymanski, Poole looks weak, and would be beatable home or away. We are hoping for a 100% home record this year and we do have tolls to achieve it. We believe last Elite game was just a bad day in the office. We were a rider down and we still should have won the match. It shows you that names on paper means nothing at all, it’s hard graft on the track that matters.


Training is still going strong. Haven’t had a chance to get out on the mountain bike this week, it’s the time of the year where all the demo bikes are out and I haven’t got the finances at the moment to buy my own. Still turning up at Horspath twice a week if I can, Filton at the wekends but more importantly running became a massive part of my training. I have always thought that to be a complete rider I am to include running into my training. I know track time is great, circuits did me a lot of good this winter, but jogging is definitely a breath of fresh air. I have started it after a conversation with my Leicester colleague, Nicky Whitehead after he started doing it. He went on to do more park runs and half marathons, I am not at that level yet, in fact I only run at the gym, but I makes me happy seeing I am running more and more, with quite fast speed set up and beating my time spending on the treadmill. I still feel I should do a bit of road bike, especially on the days I finish work late, an hour ride would do the trick.


On a sad note, it’s Wil Burns memorial day today at Leicester. I have made myself available months before the event, only to be refuse entry. It is sad to see that some people would hold a grudge after riding in a same team for such a long time, team riding, winning and losing together. Very sad day for me, difficult to take it in. Wil has a special place in mine and Magda’s hearts and we are both hit by it massively. I kind of felt that he was the only one that understood me and what I was about. He knew me like no others did and I know it was his appreciation that kept me training hard and made me want to aim high. He made me believe I can be a World Champion which to be fair I started to doubt myself.

I still hope the club will have a good day and the event is a success, and I wish them all the best, after all 6 months ago we were all still friends.