The thrills and spills…

One point. What is one point? Not much, you would have thought. One point can win you a league, it can lose you a European title. Top of the table clash at the Village resulted in a narrow one point defeat for the Hammers. We all knew it will go down to the last heat and although it didn’t it was always close for comfort. I thought we did well enough to win it, again just like previous match at Sheffield. We seem to lack that finishing touch, that crucial 7:3 when we need one. We didn’t have enough heat winners for starters. Our grid ones were often wasted, or simply outgated. It is difficult against a team consisting of such talent. I also thought our reserves did extremely well, Dave Carmichael did a job, Mike did much more than we would want from him. While we all talk about referees this week, as they were some controversies in other fixtures, I genuinely thought referee was good. The argument is that some decisions went one way and didn’t the other. This is years old dilemma and as long as we have rules and a man in the middle, we are never going to avoid controversy. I felt Mr Simmons reffed it fair and let go most incidents. Horspath track is a very tough place to go around, let alone race. Sharp bends an deep shale creates pile ups on almost every corner. Riders are sticking their legs out and catching their opponents with them. I was pleasantly surprised that one incident which was caused by me was re ruined, and to be honest I would take my marching orders with no moaning. I took Greg Gluchowski right up to the fence when I was attempting a pass, but was allowed in a re run as I didn’t do it on purpose. It was the fact that my front wheel had gone up the kerb and straightened me up and I could not turn. Fair decision I thought, but surely Poole fans would have said we were lucky in that instance. One point loss is probable the difference between the two teams at the moment. I believe we will get better with time. We had two non regular riders at reserve and they did a good job for us, I believe we can get them fitter. With a possible return of Matty Szymczak, the team will be en route to a recovery in the return  fixture.


Photo by Matt Davis


Still enjoying my trainings with Mark, as well as running. Weather isn’t brilliant, had to revert to a car park session today. We have a short break in the league now. I’m going to the South Coast for some individual action, at last. It’s been a long time since the Dash GP, and I haven’t done an individual meeting since. Poole’s laurels is an event I really want to win one day. I have been very close to win it on a couple of occasions, first time in 2005, losing to some Karol Szymanski in a winner take all final, second time round in 2007 I came second to Marcin Szymanski, who passed me after a gruelling meeting in the rain, and after a heroic struggle with my headaches which marred me that year. Third time it was Steve Harris who denied me a win in a run off in 2010. I also seem to remember 2002 and my first trophy in the UK, after I ‘ve finished 4th in a run off with Pete Young for 3rd, back then I was so naive and fresh, I was getting “raped” every corner, great learning curve.peonfx9

Day after is the 50th anniversary of the Southampton CSC, and a Grand Prix. I haven’t race in Southampton for over 5 years now. Last time it was probably Premier League match there against Shaun Woodhouse and co. My individual record there is pretty good, came third in the first South West Riders Championships in 2002, winning in 2004 with a 20 max. That was long time ago though. I hope for some good results, I feel very good and I take a lot of pleasure from riding at the moment. It might be because I am craving matches, as I’m only riding twice a month. Or perhaps I just love it and the bike and tyres are going well. I’m still learning the new tyre on the rear. My Kenda Small Block has never been subjected to wet grids yet, so I had a new experience on Sunday. I have spun round once as I didn’t wet the tyre after it just started raining.

More news on the sponsors front. I have been added to PEONFX riders page and I’m proud to be wearing some of their awesome gear. We did a little photoshoot, you should see it around the social media sites and on thier website soon. Awesome stuff and good to see brands form another side of the world hearing about CS.

Looking forward to Bank Holiday Weekend.