Half way through?

Can’t believe we are nearly half way into the year. Where the hell has it all gone? 4 Elite matches gone and a couple of individual meetings, seems to me like we just started. This is the impact of my limitations this season. Racing only twice a month causes an unbelievable hunger for winning.


Last Sunday and an uneventful away fixture to Birmingham only made me miss racing even more. And I have a 3 week off racing now… Terrible times. Not all that bad though. Looks like my gating is somehow improving. Made some good starts at Sandwell on Sunday. I have been off the bike for a long time due to injury and not having enough time to practice. We have finally moved to Cheltenham, with Magda starting her new job this week. Things are looking up, although we are still on borrowed time. I’m still chasing up my form from before the injury. Hoping to start running again and getting faster. Stamina is definitely up there.


Tomorrow is a big day for me. We have a first session at the newly built track in Cheltenham. I have kept it quiet as I didn’t know much about it myself. When I first joined Leisure Lakes, this guy came up to the shop wanted to have a word with the manager. They had a chat and I heard him mentioning “Cycle Speedway” and a project of setting up a track to him, to which he replied that we have a World Champion working here. Next time I heard from him, he invited me to have a look at the track…


The track is a part of a sports complex at Balcarass School in Cheltenham, literally 5 minutes from my place. It is quite short and very unique. It reminds me of Bretford and Hellingly. They were very limited on space they could have, so it is very narrow. It has indoor esque corners with long straights. The school is getting some bikes from Archie Wilkinson next month. We are going to do a first come and try session tomorrow, on my bikes. I still have my Lynskey and recently refurbished ‘Brown Bomber’, Archie will complete the pits. I really hope it all goes well and kids will like the sport. The only fear is the track itself. It’s geometry does not promise great racing. It will be a kind of “foot down and go”, but I hope they will go around those bends. I’m taking one of my work colleagues too, so will have my hands full.

I will keep you all posted.

No words on Mould’s ban and Angell’s delight. Enough said.