On top of the World.

Busy. Exciting. Hot, hot and hot.

A lot has happened in recent weeks. First of all, we now officially have a track in Cheltenham. We have opened it together with Mayor of Cheltenham, with Gloucestershire Echo present. A little feature in the press next day, nothing to get over excited about though.

Then, I had a new batch of tyres delivered. Same as usual, Kenda Small Block Eights, but this time in 1.9. It will be my weapon of choice from now on, as I have had it baptised with an impressive win over the weekend. Another win for the Hammers in the Elite League had elevated us into second, although somehow we think we deserve better than that. Especially away loss at Sheffield could be crucial.

I have managed another MTB ride in between the training sessions and managed to crash spectacularly. Luckily it was just bruises. No serious damage done.

Trainings are coming along nicely, with my good friend Mateusz Szymczak coming back and training with the team, we have another good strong pair of legs to get fit, along with my training partner Mark Boaler. Mark is looking awesome this season. He makes it look so easy, but I only know how much hard work we put in to get results we are getting.

Archie Wilkinson is releasing new model of his popular Elite model, and I’m looking forward to be riding it very soon. Hoping to ride it in my next match.

Talking of next match, we are on a path to have a GB v Poland series at the end of the month. Although I am very reserved, as recent discoveries proved that Poland will not send a team, as reported on Spokesman. Team will be heavily relied on UK based riders, but many riders aren’t available, so don’t really know what to think of it. I have declared my availability for two matches and hope it will happen. I have to go back as far as 2008 I think, when I raced last time in the series. We have lost it that time as far as I remember. There were some matches at Coventry and Heckmondwike, there was also a match at Filton which I didn’t race in. I’m only hoping that, if we were to have those matches, we will get some decent refereeing, as last time there was plenty of controversy.


No such controversy at the weekend though. Long awaited Westernapolis at Exeter had finally arrived. I was looking forward to it as much as it would have been some kind of Championships. It’s more or less that time of the year and it was a big meeting for me. It went very well, and I bagged another win of the year. With cash prizes involved it made the long trip very well worth it. The meeting went my way after a crazy fourth ride. I had to win it at all costs to avoid run off, and I was on a difficult grid four. I have managed to explore almost every line in those exciting four laps and managed to battle my way to the front only just on the line. Tyres helped me to stay on the super fast and grippy Exeter surface. Me and Magda were both met with an unexpectedly warm and lovely reception and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. People around the track know their Cycle Speedway and they appreciate good racing. I would like to extend my congratulations on great facilities and one of the best track I have ever ridden on, and great organisation and presentation. Well done Exeter.


Watch videos from the Westernapolis Individual and read the report.

Exeter Cycle Speedway
Archie Wilkinson