Zzzzzzz…. Tired. Very tired. This week has been a tough test. After last Sunday’s win against Birmingham I have caught a bit of cold and it makes everything just that little bit more of an effort. Sunday was all according to plan. Our hopes of Poole dropping some points at home were quickly dashed by their team sheet. With Comets back to their full strength, it near impossible to think they can be beaten. Sunday was more about them slipping than us getting a win. Birmingham, although no pushovers, have lacked real threat. Good match with great weather and an Elite League refereeing debut for Nicky Whitehead.


Some good training followed. Lonesome Tuesday at Horspath, with hill climbing and some gates. Another 10k run on Wednesday and a good session at Newport Thursday night. I have to say thumbs up for Colin, Stuart and all the Newport guys and girls. It is an eye opener to train on such a big track. It only proves I am not that far away, and everything is in order.

Friday night is now reserved for training with Mati. Our sessions are a combination of pushing ourselves to the limits and a good chat about life. I enjoy them a lot and hope we can carry on until the very last one before I go away.


Saturday was busy again. Work until 3 and racing at Birmingham at 5. Second City Trophy is mine now. A very favourable draw and some decent gates followed with my first maximum of the season. 20 points and a nice trophy, plus some money towards a nice meal out later. The event was all about raising some money for British number 3, Chris Timms for his trip to Oz. He got some generous donations and it gets him closer and closer to the Worlds. Good luck Timmsy.


More racing this year. I have been granted a semifinal seed for the Polish Individual Championships at Bydgoszcz. I have yet to arrange the trip but no doubts I will get there. It could be one of the best Championships in recent years. With Grzegorz Gluchowski, Szymanski and Ganczarek it promises some great racing.

Australia trip is now all booked up. I now just have to make the accommodation arrangements and we are ready to go. I have GG Express Couriers to thank for that. It brings me up to new clothing. I hope there is still time to make some new clobber. I have to change all the sponsors on my racing bottoms, put the right ones on them. As last time I have to have a brand new, never ridden, pair of leggings, and a brand new never ridden shirt.


Least but not last, still plans to put Cycle Speedway at the London Cycle Show. My trip to visit the venue didn’t materialise last week, hoping to do it either this or next week. Morvelo are very keen to make it their headline event for the weekend. I can see it growing if it does go ahead. They can certainly make things happen and know how to organise shows like this.

As for now I go to sleep.