It’s a long way home.

Sunday morning. Elite League Finale. Would have been great to finish on top. The problem with that is, that it is out of our hands. The only chances of a league title for Horspath is if Poole lose today at Sheffield. We still have to battle hard at Ipswich for a win. This scenario will take the title to yet another match, League Play Off which would then decide the title outcome. It would have been a great end to a good season. It’s a tough task, not only for Sheffield to beat Poole, but for us to tame Ipswich’s youngsters. I’m very fond of their track, it brought me a win in Dave Andrews Memorial last year, and a third in European Championships. It is such a looong way though. 3 hr plus drive isn’t something I look forward to.

On the plus side, I have recently met a very interesting man. My fascination with cycling and particularly doping in cycling began a couple of years ago. I started study the whole problem, learning about it and reading books on the subject. I suppose I always shared many people’s views on Lance and him being just another doper, not a hero. Story of his cancer combat and heroic 7 wins have been the biggest disaster in modern sport. I have been sceptical of his arrogant way of dealing with questions about doping and always thought and hoped the truth will be once revealed.


I have been a fan of investigative journalism since school. It always has been my dream of being a sports writer. Since my riding career took off, everything had to be put on hold and I have changed my priorities in life, but always loved a good sports story, well written and well told. I got to know Mr David Walsh through his great work on Lance and his fraudulent affair with cycling. I have read his book, “Seven deadly sins” and was delighted to attend a lecture on the book and a little bit on his life at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Got my book dedicated and got a brief word with the great man. It was a great, inspirational moment and I truly hope it will be something I can look back in Australia and think that giving up is not an option and 13 years of pursuing something that you believe in is worth at the end. It didn’t take me that long to chase after my World Champion’s jersey, but it certainly felt that long. At the brink of my title defence I want to make significant steps to make it happen.


Mr Walsh. You have inspired me.

ps. Just like Mr King inspired me to buy his beautiful pieces of art for my bike :D