Say what?… Week to go!

It’s oh, so quiet.

I have been muted on here for a while. Self imposed. It is easy to report on success, not so good if it doesn’t go your way.

Two weeks ago I have made the effort to go to Poland for the Nationals. When I was making that decision, I was on top form and with high hopes. With new bike and British season already over, I thought I had a good chance of competing at Bydgoszcz. OK, the track is not to my liking, as surface is cutting up and you don’t carry speed through the corners. It could work to my advantage, I thought, as I am pretty fast this year and fittest I have ever been. With Australia just 3 weeks from that day, I thought it would be a good opportunity to test myself.

Semifinals went smoothly. I dropped a gate to Greg in my first ride, with track already causing me problems. I fell off in my third race behind Szymanski, but still 15 points and an easy passage. In the final I had number 10. Two grid two’s and an excellent grid one, with Marcin on two, Gluchowski on three and Ordon on the outside. Win this and you are in with a chance I thought.

We needed four attempts to have the race finished. First time around I was pushed on to the green. Second time around same scenario, but ref let it go and I was last, after the first lap Ordon went for an inside pass on Greg, making him to fall I went up the inside of both but race was stopped. Re run and another physical gate from Szymanski. It’s tough to answer to it. The way he charges into you, you can only go inside, and he is only half a wheel in front. Anyway. I think I should be doing better that that. I came third trying to get past Ordon, but he was clever enough and rode me around the “best” lines on the Bydgoszcz circuit. I won my second and thought it wasn’t yet lost. People were dropping points everywhere. Next two races were an embarrassment. I simply had no plan b. I couldn’t make quick enough gates, and as there was no speed around the first bend, riders were getting away. My attempts of getting some ground were fruitless and I was finding myself on people’s wheels after first lap. Last race and a heavy fall on the first bend, after which I have pulled out.


Poor show I should say. It is now in the past though. A couple of good sessions followed, with a good running form returned, I have now good attitude. My bike built is coming to the end. Rides beautifully. Chris King bracket and headset are amazing. I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect or whether they are that much smoother, the feeling is awesome. New paint job looks stealthy and I’m looking forward to my Aussie trip.

I know I am able to win the World Championship. I just have to believe and focus.

Get off your knees and love your sport.