Still alive!

Almost a year since my last post.

Did you miss me?

Yesterday was a good day. I have lifted the Robyn Carter Memorial Trophy as a captain of this years Elite League Champions.

Horspath have won the league for the 9th time in the 13 years I have been racing in the UK.

Not only that. We have gone throughout the 2014 unbeaten. All 10 matches.


It’s difficult to imagine how that happened, in our first match away at Sheffield we needed a 7:3 in the last race to win by 1 point…

But we went from strength to strength. I believe we had the best rider in the World this year wearing Horspath red and black.

Bartosz Grabowski have won almost every competition he has entered!

He is the new European Junior Champion, new Polish Open Champion and new Junior Champion.

He is also the current World Junior Champion, World Cup holder, both Junior and Senior, Euro Team Cup holder, Euro Club Champ with Ostrow,

British Elite League Champion with Horspath and Polish Extraleague Champion with Ostrow…10487354_801730609857497_8623188054190157859_n


Extraordinary talent and a great humble lad. To add to that we had Mark Boaler, in my opinion the best team rider in the sport, Marcin Paradzinski, my good friend and the current European Champion from Torun,

Chris Timms British number 2, Marcin Kolata Bartek’s team mate from Ostrow, Zac Payne a local prospect, hard working guy and Andy Johnson, a returnee to the sport another local rider.

We have had the support from George Horsley, Danny Harper, Wayne Hutt and Ryan Taylor and Ollie Riley for some matches, all did great jobs, especially against Wednesfield at home.

But last but not least, in fact I thought he was the man of the season for us this year was Lewis Osborne. Lewis has been with the club all the years that I have been away.

This year was the first time we were in the same team, and we were team partners for most of the year. What a good partnership it was.10313667_816500868380471_6519249608185028812_n


Lewis is the kind of individual that goes unnoticed in the match, but he does such a great job for the team, without him we would not be Champions today.

Hosrpath is more than just the first team. We have a great privilege to have Geoff Gamage in our club. The guy simply breathes the sport.

The amount of time and often his own money he dedicates into the club and cycle speedway in general is unprecedented. Pete Horsley, Tommy B, Tiny, Two Seasons, The Clarke’s Family and the Mazzeys, our top supporters all have a part in

our success. Great pictures from Pete Payne are keeping those memories alive.

It was only fair for the trophy to be presented by Rob’s dad, Peter who is still with us making sure we are doing his son’s proud.

As for me, it was a strange year. There might be time to reflect on it, but in all honesty I am all for looking forward and have my eyes on 2015.10610629_10152847892872787_6657919501388180665_n

This is my last year in the UK. I am returning home at the end of December.

13 years in the country that gave me great memories. More than third of my life was spent in here. All my working life I have been over here.

It will be emotional I know, and surely a reality check to actually go back to Poland for good, but this is another challenge in life I am going to tackle and I’m sure I will be OK.

The plan is for me to keep racing for the Hammers, if they need me. It was a pleasure to be their captain, their last heat choice.

The other plan is to do the Worlds in the Summer. I would like to start training again and to get the motivation going.

As for now, I just get out and ride my beloved Whyte mountain bike.

Thank you.