Up and down.

It’s all about the finish.

Second league match for Slask and second defeat. Again, it was a tight and close affair. We were up by 3 with 3 races to go, but again managed to give away a few races and lost the match by a fraction. Torun is a well balanced team. If one rider has a couple of bad rides, there is always somebody to step up. We are relying on heat leaders and our juniors to get the results which is always difficult. Polish league is by far more demanding in terms of scoring points. Grid fours are real mine fields and tactics are more important than in the UK. I was kind of happy I could get out of the gate for a change, which is an achievement at Torun. Track does not open any opportunities to pass, unless you drive in to the bend and hope you meet somebody there. This was the reason I gave up racing in the Polish Cup last weekend. After watching the race on YT it only reassured me in my choice. Boring, first bend, no action. Not the best advert. If I was to drive 4 hrs to “race” 5 minutes in such an uninteresting meeting I’d kick myself. I went to speedway and watched, well, rather dull meeting between Wroclaw and Grudziadz :D


Horspath had a better day at Newport. We made the trip with Marcin K., and Bartek. When I saw that wet landing at Luton I was thinking it can only get worse in Wales… Luckily weather was kind to us. Track was quite bumpy made even more difficult because of the strong wind, but racing was great. The score did not show how good the racing was. Bartek was showing everybody why he is the best rider in the world right now, in my eyes. Going through people, passing from last to first, like they were standing still. I was doing my job, apart from my gate exclusion I was unbeaten. I would kill to train on a track like Newport’s. I don’t think their riders know how lucky they are to have such a “tool” for their disposal.


In the meantime Magda and I went to Rychlebske Stezky, a mountain bike trail centre about 1:30 hrs from Wroclaw. I have been to many centres like these in the UK. Coed y Brennin, Cannock Chase, Cwmcarn, Forest of Dean. I think I found the best one here.


Trails are smooth and incredibly fast. Climbing is very challenging but pleasant and interesting. Views are breathtaking and it’s free!! Donations are welcomed, obviously bike hire is available (GT), food is great and cheap. We need places like this in Poland.

Life is going way too fast. We are now halfway through May, World Champs are getting closer. Training is very inconsistent, with work and life getting the better of me sometimes. Wroclaw is beautiful, and summer is coming. See you at Ipswich!