Two wins on the trot. Good to get a win in Poland. It didn’t get us anywhere in terms of league table, we are still bottom, but a good performance has been well received by a large home crowd. Week before Hammers turned Ipswich over, relatively easy. I was expecting a tough match for us, but the Eagles got nervous at the start and gave us too many exclusions. Both games were very similar for me. I had bad luck in the UK, in one race I tried to pass a rider up the inside and got pinned to the kerb, which resulted in me being relegated to the back.


In another race my chain came off. This does not happen very often to me. I have a new Archie waiting for me for this Sunday’s home match against Sheffield, thanks to Geoff Gamage.

Poland was similar, three convincing wins with two last places. In my second race I got too ambitious and completely underestimated the rider behind me and got passed like a kid. My second last place was due to misunderstanding, after a copy of the Ipswich race, inside line drive in, pushed into the centre green, had to let the rider pass me back. I actually thought I was excluded. Track was very good that day and I had a great day racing on it.


I am taking the positives out of those two matches. At least I am in positions to attack. I feel fast and fresh. My gates are slowly improving I am gaining confidence week by week. Had some great training last two weeks and I am looking forward to Sunday. I am also looking to bank holiday Thursday and a Sunday off. No doubts I will drag the T129 out and rip it up as I am missing it and it breaks my heart to see the bike in the kitchen not being ridden for weeks.


Horspath is on an unbeaten run of… how many matches? Not sure. Last time we got beaten at home by Poole in… 2013, in April?