Just cannot get a win…

3 out of 3… Unfortunately three losses. First defeat for the Hammers since May 2014 to Sheffield at home did hurt. We didn’t switch on from the start which resulted in claiming the line after heat 5 I think it was. We did manage to climb back but it was too much at the end. Stars certainly had their day. This was a first race on my new machine. New Archie Wilkinson with the brand new alloy fork. Black bandit, as Geoff called it. It does get out of the box. It is still a bit alien on the track but I hope it will get better and I’ll get used to it. We had a break after that match with a Bank Holiday in Poland in between which meant a bit of Mountain Biking for us :) Rychlebskie Stezky were fast and furious, I managed 8th overall on Strava (Yes I have finally gave in and joined) which is good. I have also been training quite hard and it showed at Wednesfield.


I have been starting very fast on that day. I still lack a bit of stamina and maybe power but I am quite happy the way it goes. A very weakened Horspath team fought bravely but failed at the last hurdle. We were carrying too many riders but still managed to put on a good show. I enjoyed that match very much, I loved the team spirit and the fight. We were very close to a surprise.


Yesterday was back to Poland and an away fixture to Czestochowa. Slask should have won that meeting. We were far too nervous and it shows we are a bit too ambitious sometimes.



A more professional approach is needed in terms of racing tactics. One or too unfortunate racing incidents and we were out of touch before the nominated heats. Rain made the track extremely difficult and Polish racing formula is ridiculous.


I am often at number 5 which has race, gap, race twice. That gap was replaced by a tactical and I ended up going three races on the trot which made me very pale…


Again the day showed that I lack a lot against the best. If things turn out extreme, like weather or a difficult number, I will be struggling against top riders. I still have a few weeks to work on it and I am looking forward to the Worlds.

Last but not least. I payed a visit to Marcin Szymanski to see his new frames. I always get curious when something new emerges to the market. I was very impressed by the quality and weight of Marcin’s frames. They appear very stiff too. He has large stock of different sizes and also different varieties too. Three different types of forks made of different types of aluminium with either steel or aluminium steerer and two sizes of frames with two grades of aluminium to choose from. I’m sticking with Archie for now but you never know… the price is astonishing.