Summertime has never been the same.

Finally a win for the Hammers. After two losses on the bounce, we have managed to squeeze a win out of Poole. Another spirited performance for Horspath and another good day for me. The team, yet again, weakened by a Polish League fixture, did extremely well and we have capitalized on Poole’s mistakes. Amazing riding from Lewis and Zac with paid 19, certainly his best match in the Elite League so far.


I was happy with myself too, highest score so far and plenty of positives to take to the Worlds weekend. I still lack a bit of flow and speed, which is due to me training on a short and a very bad Wroclaw’s track, it lacks the distance and it shows, but I am excited to have found some gating power. Might not be what it was some years ago, but it is still best what I had for the last 2 seasons. New bike is certainly helping.


Summer in Poland is something I have not experienced for a while. I was thinking about it recently and I can only compare the heatwave we are experiencing to the temperatures we had in Australia on my second tour in 2009. Summer in the UK is so much different in terms of coping with the heat. In here there isn’t much air and breathing is very difficult especially at night, in Britain there is always that breeze that helps the air flow.

I had an unusual free weekend and a pleasure to have a Specialized Fatboy to my disposal. We went on quite a ride with Magda around Polanica Zdroj and the surrounding mountains and forest. She has some potential after a 50 km offroad ride on that monster of a bike :D Awesome ride and an incredible day. Made me a new man with recharged batteries, I am ready to tackle another week of training.


This Sunday is another home match against Newport. Looking forward to an easy drive back to the airport after a mad rush from Poole which was the most stressful drive of my life. Made it to Stansted with 30 mins to “spare”, I had to run all the way to the gate to make sure I wasn’t late. GG Express always deliver on time! It is only two matches before the Worlds and I am looking forward to the week off work. Even if it wont be just holidays, it will be good to see the UK again.

Last but not least, credit to Pete Payne and his awesome photos. I always use them on here without mention. I love the details and the action he gets, even from a boring one sided match :D

Back to the oven…