Not him again?

Where do I start?

After neglecting my self promotion for over a year, I have decided to come back on here.

I genuinely thought I might retire soon, hence the lack of activity. But then came the day of sunshine and glory, down the South Coast where luck shone on me all day, and I became the new European Champion, for a first time in my 21 years of riding. At the age of 36. Does it make me the oldest winner of a major international title? I hope so! :D

I have been teased by many of my friends on and off the track, family and people following my career, that perhaps it’s time to hang the wheels up? “You ain’t getting any younger”… Well, that is true. But my will to win and desire for success did not age at all. I am still as hungry to better myself and to develop worthy performances just as much as I was back in 2002, when I started racing for Horspath.  I definitely have changed my approach to the sport, as some things are inevitable, I am enjoying my training and my racing in a different way and cherish the success that comes my way. I have had a couple of tough and dry years after losing my World Champ status, but I have surprised myself the way it turned out in recent years.

I have also decided to come back to the UK, despite not the best timing… We are making this great country our home again. I will always have Poland in my heart, but I could not see myself living back there. I was very unhappy and could not find my bearings at all.

Back at Leisure Lakes Bikes, Cheltenham, enjoying my cycling and racing.

As for the sport…. Well. I’d rather keep my views for myself, as I don’t want to make enemies. As you all know, there is not an Elite League anymore. The “Elite” level of competition has been focused on regions now and in the “Battle of Britain” series of events all, or most, of the best riders residing in the country, will be racing for their respective regions.

I have made the decision not to race in these. I do wish it a success as the sport needs a top tier level of racing and I hope it works.

I have also made no plans to race in Poland. Last season was very tough for Slask. We were so close but we were always lacking a couple of extra points to clinch those close matches and it frustrated the team. We have managed a 3rd place which is a success and I hope I have contributed to that as much as I could.

I’m looking forward to race for Horspath in the South West League and the SupertraX GP Series. It should be good fun.

The year has already started with a podium for me in the Dash Midland Grand Prix couple of weeks back, so I am in good spirits.

I guess I see some of you around the tracks.