Not the best timing.

It always seems to go that way.

Is there ever a good time to have an injury?

I think I did well, considering I haven’t had a single injury during my 22 years of racing Cycle Speedway.

Perhaps I was due one?

Striving to improve, trying to go faster, pushing your limits that little further. In a split second it all changes from your happy and joyous, hyped up ride in the woods to agony, uncertainty, lack of hope and weakness.

Last monday night, in an unfortunate fall I have sustained a broken collarbone and will be out for some time.

Not sure how long for, I thought it might be sooner, but it might not be the case.

I am gutted more than anything. As broken bones go, collarbone is not that painful if you stick to limited movement and take it easy, but the frustration is absolutely overwhelming.

I’m heartbroken to be missing the first matches for Horspath as I know how much the team needs me right now. I do hope to be back as quick as possible, but then again I want to be back when I’m ready.

I have opted for a natural healing process rather than surgery, which might delay things even further.

I’m aiming to be active, and resume some kind of training as soon as next week.

I would like to thank all the people from my team for their kind support and understanding.

Work has been very good, welcoming another member of their staff to the ‘broken collarbone club’ (is it in double figures yet?).

I’m still looking forward to the season and wish Horspath the best of luck and hope to put on a jersey soon.