2013 Dash Trophies Grand Prix: 3rd
2013 Southampton 50 Years Anniversary GP 1st
2013 Westernapolis 1st
2013 GB v Poland Test Series 1-2 win
2013 Second City Trophy 1st

2012 Dave Andrews Memorial: 1st
2012 Polish Championship Semi Final: 1st
2012 European Championship: Individual 3rd
2012 European Championship: Team 2nd
2012 Polish Extra League (with TSZ Torun): 2nd

2011 Polish Championships: Individual 2nd
2011 World Championships: Individual 1st
2011 Dash Trophies Grand Prix: 1st
2011 Norwich Grand Prix: 3rd

2010 Leicester CSC Senior Rider of the Year
2010 Premier League Match Race: Champion
2010 Polish Extra League: 1st
2010 Grand Prix of Great Britain: 1st
2010 European Championships: Individual 4th
2010 European Championships: Team 1st
2010 Midland Riders Championship: 2nd
2010 Ade Gale Laurels: 2nd
2010 Christine Ellis Memorial: 2nd
2010 Norwich Grand Prix: 2nd
2010 Dash Trophies Grand Prix: 1st

2009 Grand Prix of Great Britain 1st
2009 World Championships: Pairs 1st
2009 World Championships: Individual 3rd
2009 World Championships: Team 2nd

2008 European Championships: Individual 2nd
2008 European Championships: Team 1st

2007 World Championships: Individual 4th
2007 World Championships: Team 1st

2006 European Championships: Individual 3rd
2006 European Championships: Team 1st

2005 World Championships: Individual 4th
2005 World Championships: Team 2nd
2005 World Championships: Pairs 1st

2004 European Championships: Individual 4th

2003 World Championships: Individual 3rd
2003 World Championships: Team 2nd

2002 European Championships: Individual 4th