On top of the World.

Busy. Exciting. Hot, hot and hot. A lot has happened in recent weeks. First of all, we now officially have a track in Cheltenham. We have opened it together with Mayor of Cheltenham, with Gloucestershire Echo present. A little feature … Continue reading

Glorious morning

Bike? Check. Helmet? Check. Shoes? Check. Time check? 8:00 am… Yeah, it is a Sunday at all. I rolled out at Filton track today at just after 8 in the morning. Chilly but very glorious. A couple of friendly locals … Continue reading

Nothing beats winter.

Every year there comes a time when your body is trying to tell you something. It might be early in the season, or perhaps at the end of the year. It might be an overdose of training, need of a … Continue reading

The Best Ever

Every rider out there must be doing some sort of summary of his achievements. People have different memories, some remember every detail for ages, some forget their last race as soon as they see the checkered flag. Averages, statistics, results, … Continue reading